Kirklees Cleaning Limited – We are currently working with lots of different care groups, carrying out cleaning services all around the UK. Over many years we have noticed lots of care home chairs have been thrown away, many into skips, some waiting to be collected to go to landfill sites.

At the end of last year we collected a number of these disused chairs and deep cleaned and sanitised them, we then passed these chairs onto a few different charities, the charities were really grateful and so we thought we would continue this work and possibly collect furniture from further afield.

All we ask, is if you are looking at replacing some furniture, if you could please consider contacting us first.

All the furniture we collect is fully deep cleaned and sanitised before we pass it on, this work we are doing helps Care Homes to dispose of unwanted furniture free of charge, stops furniture going to landfill sites and helps various charities at the same time, so a win / win situation.

If you have any chairs to donate, please contact :-

Jill, Director, Kirklees Cleaning Ltd on Tel: 01484 818905